Paris in the Covid, 2020


At the beginning of Covid 2020 (February 2020), I went to Paris to participate in a seminar at the Mamorial de la Shoah in Paris. It was an extremely important seminar and all the presentations were important. 

I gave a talk-and-a-picture-show about my long-coming book on Stefan Glücksman, a young Ph.D. of History from the University of Krakow, who in 1930 came to Copenhagen to study Danish. While he was in Denmark his closest of kins were locked up in the ghettoes of Warsaw, Kielce and other cities. He, however, was expelled by the Danish authorities and killed, before his closest relatives in Warsaw, his beloved mother and sister, were deported to Treblinka.

Stefan and his family and friends wrote, and I am in the situation, where I have (been chosen - I think) to present their story to a increasingly antisemitic world of today - and a young generation of people, who is so super-egotistical that they cannot understand what the Holocaust was, while they are engaging in the support for terrorism.

Lilla Svenska hattrollen

In photo at the top, you can see this slow writer wearing one of his fashionable six-piece caps, with Dr. Silvia Goldbaum Tarabini on his right hand side. Silvia´s fantastic Ph.D.-work on the Danish Jews in Theresienstadt, published in English and Danish, has presented a more critical view of the Danish WWII efforts than her predecessors´ in that field. Judging from the very positive citations to my book Medaljens Bagside (2005) (translates: The other side of the Coin) in her magnificent books, which corrects so much earlier (unforgivably sloppy) work on the Danish Jews deported to Theresienstadt, I know Silvia belongs to the school of critical (i.e. outstanding) minds.

Thanks to Noam Rachmilevitch for his evocative photo in the shadow of the Magen David. 

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