Copenhagen Jewish Cultural Festival 2024:2

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Copenhagen Jewish Cultural Festival 2024:2

Mr. Potato-Man was Jewish. The Inventor of a Most Famous Potato-Dish and his Danish Descendants

More Jewish Culture - straight from Copenhagen. Friday (noon), when I had been cleared at the security gate of the Copenhagen synagogue, which is unfortunately totally necessary in our time and age), I met some of my elderly lady friends (who are little bit older than I am - which nobody would ever guess).

They had just listened to editor of Danish daily Politiken´s talk - and were still in distress. Anders Jerichow had chocked some of the nice ladies with his comments. For many years Jerihow has been pacifying the readers of Politiken, telling them what most of them want to hear.

Jerichow, who is a descendant of German clergy and psalm-poet (which explain the non Jewish Jericho sounding name), also has Jewish roots. Jerichow has once written that his Jewish background gives him more legitimacy to judge Israel than other Danes.

I have once taken the liberty to ask him about his Jewish background, but he didn´t want to tell me his family story, which gives him the power to satisfy the many readers of Politiken.

Some while ago, the secret was finally revealed by A. Jerichow´s son, who yesterday was accompanying his dad at shul. Jerichow jr. was dressed in a striped white & green mistral jacket, which in my opinion was the bravest fashion statement at this year´s Copenhagen Jewish Culture Festival.

The Jewish ancestor, who gives editor Jerichow of daily Politiken his permit, to occasionally take somewhat incomprehensible stands towards Israel, was Swedish restaurateur Jacob Wilhelm Davidsson, who converted to Christianity in the 19th Century. Davidsson is supposed to have "invented" the the world famous Hasselback-potato (see above photo) at the Pavilion Restaurant Hasselbacken in merry Stockholm´s Djurgĺrden-park (For more information on this "Jewish" invention here).

The alleged creator of this world famous potato-dish, has possibly given his 21st Century-Editor-Descendant a card blanch potato dish to criticise Israel extraordinarily to the satisfaction of all of his his Hasselback-Potato-Loving-Readers.

With the Danish Lurpak-butter melted on top of these potatoes, this dish is probably not kosher for others than some hard-core Politiken readers, when they serve it with pork dishes and Scandinavian-style Antisemetic Pickles on the side. B´te´avon!!

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