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fish_idiot_b.jpgPhoto Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson ©

70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz the teaching and remembering the Shoah has never been more necessary. Europe suffers from a bad case of amnesia.

In 2001 I stumbled into this Polish neighbour to the Birkenau death camp. The man in the picture, who I have always perceived as the neighbouring village idiot, was using the ruins in the camp as a pond for his farming of small fish, which he collected into a red bucked. His fish-farming hobby was being realized in the ruins of the so called Gipsy family camp in Birkenau.


Photo Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson ©

I sometimes envisage other idiots sitting beside the fisherman of Auschwitz. Among them some Danish historians who propagate that Danish Nazi-collaboration was the best solution and should have been copied by other Nazi occupied states.

Next to the Danish idiots I see the imbeciles from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, who mumble something about double genocide while they praise their many Nazi collaborators. They are captured in a major denial and I fear that they might jump into the pond and participate in a major EU white-wash and even drown themselves in self-satisfaction.

A French idiot lines up and says. "Je suis un poisson", and a Dutch lawyer arrives in his Bentley and announces the final solution: "Send all the Jews to America", as if that was something new. In 1699 the Dutch were already introduced to the idea. But even the Dutch forget... Some have already forgotten that 75% of the Jewish population in the Netherlands were killed in the Shoah.

The Icelandic idiot has no time for remembrance. He is playing balls with his hands in Qatar, where entire village of idiots also support teams like ISIS and Hamas, when they are not bribing the sporting idiots.

Do not allow the idiots to do what they are best at: To forget. Help them remember!

fiskima_ur_grar_b.jpgPhoto Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson ©



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