United by that old hatred


Anti-Judaism is the old religious form of modern day Jew hatred/Antisemitism. The Anti-Judaism of the Medieval Church had many expressions in art and literature, even in countries where Jews didn´t live. The interesting case of Iceland has been discussed recently by Richard Cole in an interesting article in a new book, Antisemitism in the North (Open access) a volume I also have contributed to with two articles (see here and here).

Randlev Danmarks Kirker

A Detail from the alter piece of Randlev Church (Photo National Museum of Denmark). Photo at top by Bo Eriksen.

Yesterday, I came across a photograph of a late medieval alter-piece in a Facebook-forum on the Middle Ages in Denmark. On the late 15th century praedella (foot-Pace) of the alter-piece in the church at Randlev East-Jutland (near Aarhus), Jesus is depicted with the Queens of Christianity to his right and and fallen ladies to the left. Judaism was often depicted in Christian art as the blindfolded Synagoga, loosing her crown and holding the sad remains of her broken banner-rod. In the parish church of Randlev, the image of the banner says it all. Synagoga´s crest is the Devil.

Devil of Randlev

Associating Jews with the Devil is an all-Christian invention, which is being reinvented in our own time by fanatic Soros-hatred of the far right, hand in hand with Muslim extremist antisemites and the Jew-complex of parts of the contemporary European Left and Social-Democrats in particular.

No hatred has such a broad spectrum of unity among different kind of professional haters. Today it unites far more people than the antisemitism of the Nazis. Antisemitism seems to unite people who cannot live without hatred, but are at same time just as convinced, in their own minds, that they are the true messengers of Truth, Peace, Love and Understanding. Their hatred of Jews seem to be the proof they need for their human kindness. There are far worse illnesses troubling the world than Covid-19, and now in the primitive imagery of the United Haters of the World, the banner of Synagoga is probably being attributed with an image of a virus.

That´s how far the Human Race has come...

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