Danish journalist visited one of Ukraine´s modern day heroes - or so he thought


This is a modern-day story, from a continent being wrecked by short destructive men like Putin, Biden and the new minute-man on the block, Mr. Volodimyr Zelinskij.

Sorry, I do not believe in short heroes, except for short women heroes.

A week ago, February 28, Danish State Broadcasting Service (DR) reported from a town close to Lviv. The town is Horodok (one of 6 towns bearing that name in Ukraine) The short-news item was posted at 20:22 local time in Copenhagen by journalist Sean Coogan.

The Danish journalists visited an alleged NGO-aid organisation called NGO Apostelska Chota, which is being lead by a Catholic priest by the name of Myhail Gredil, who is an ordained priest who studied at the a seminary in Lublin, Poland (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawla II).


The priest Gredil in his ornate.

Gredil is a very special type of clergy, to say the least. Apart for fighting with his congregation of extreme-nationalist and antisemites, he runs an organisation, which apart from hailing Jesus and his venerable mother Mary (as he should), also hails the WWII Ukrainian Nazi-collaborator Stepan Bandera, who was responsible for the killing of thousands of Jews in the Ukraine in 1941 (See here).

The Holy Trinity of Horodok


Jew murderer and present day Ukrainian National Hero, Stepan Bandera (1909-1959) overlooks Catholic aid in Horodok - Apostelska Chota headquarters.


Mihayl Gredil teaches hate in the name of the Catholic Church when he is't fighting the Russian minority in East-Ukraine ...


...splashing Holy Water on cars full of material for the fight against the Russian aggressors, whom Gredil calls Jews.


In the hall of the building which houses Apostelska Chota in Horodok, one finds a painting of Jesus on one wall, mother Mary on another, but the Nazi-congregation's real hero, the Jew-killer Stepan Bandera, hangs on the third wall. The new Holy Trinity in the Ukraine is Jesus, Mary and St. Bandera the Jew-slayer.

The Catholic Church has a problem (or two). Some of the Gods´ children which Jesus asked us to send to him are not so innocent. Is Myhail Gredil something the Catholic Church wants to support? I hope someone in the Vatican reads this blog and makes the necessary arrangement to remove Mr. Gredil from his priesthood. An anti-Semite is not, and will never be a representative of a Jew later known as Jesus Christ. But we have seen some horrible dispensations from that for the past centuries.


Gredil´s going to shoot the bullets of God. Look, he is a short man too. A tiny guy.

Back in war-torn Ukraine. A hero-apostle has risen on the heaven of European (and seemingly Jewish) stars. Only few weeks ago many Ukrainians demanded Volodomyr Zelinskij out of office, with the help of weapons if necessary. They wanted the former president Pedro Porochenko back in office. Porochenko is an exiled major league criminal. His followers wanted him back into the presidential palace, because they believed that he would give Putin a more firm fight than Jewish Zelinskij.

Well, didn´t Zelinskij prove them wrong. He is going to fight to the bitter end against the small character from Russia. Unfortunately, however, he will confirm Putins´ claims about Nazis. However, It is still to be seen who the drug-addicts are.

It will also help his obvious sainthood that Mr. Volodomyr Zelinkij has also praised Jew-killer Bandera. No, not in an ironic way in his former, allegedly hilarious, stand-up comedy shows. He has done so in  office as the president of the Ukraine:  "There are indisputable heroes. Stepan Bandera is a hero for a certain part of Ukrainians, and this is "a normal and cool thing" for these guys. He was one of those who defended the freedom of Ukraine" See here.


The "Jew" who believes that nasty killer of Jews, Stepan Bandera, was a hero for some and that it´s cool and normal. Please do not blame me for not percieving Zelinskij as "cool or normal", nor associate me with Putin for doing so. In my opinion Volodimyr Zelinskij is also a part of the problem.

Jews, who support short-guy Zelinskij against the tiny character Putin, can do so if they wish to. The best scenario, however, would be to back out of the Ukraine which was created by Lenin in the Bloodlands for so many a Jew. The area was once a home to millions of Jews. Now it is a battlefield for nations with post-traumatic stress disorder after the Soviet Union experience, where certain portions of the populations still engage in Nazi-like worship, believing it is an antidote to their Soviet experience (or their bad national conscience (if they have any at all), from the days the themselves engaged in the mass-killing of Jews).


Ukrainians killing Jews on the Street of Lviv in 1941

Denmark State Broadcasting Service (DR)-journalist removed his news about the Nazi-Priest in Horodok

Am happy to tell you that journalist Sean Coogan removed the "good news" about the priest in Horodok. I confronted the journalist with my knowledge about Nazi-priest Gredil. The journalist quickly and politely responded to my e-mail and removed the item without me asking him to so. Presented with facts about Gredil he knew what the right thing to do was. He had had absolutely no idea about the character he had been advised to visit in Horodok. He is my journalist hero for the moment. Unfortunately journalists in my native country, Iceland, seem to know it all, although they were born yesterday, and never make mistakes nor correct them. The modern day hero-reporter in Iceland is sometimes more preoccupied in committing burglary to be able to create the news. I am not using the expression "fake news" - it has too great an association and toxic-orange feel to it for my taste.

However, I will gladly argue that some journalists in Iceland seem to have the same gene-defects as Donald with the dead ginger raccoon on his head - yes I men the former US president who wasn´t like Daniel Boone at all, and who respected Putin in his own, strange clockwork orange universe. But can emperor Putin be blamed for that?

This song is for Putin, Volodomyr and Biden - Don´t want no short people here:

My sincere apology to all decent short men and women of the World, who are not engaged in the destruction of Europe. We will make it up to you later. There are lots of songs about huge people.

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1 Smámynd: Jón Steinar Ragnarsson

Ekki ađ undra ađ Israelar haldi ađ sér höndum í allri sýndadryggđ viđskiptabanna og rússahaturs.

Zelinzkij er einskonar Jón Gnarr ţeirra Úkraínumanna og var kosinn í einhverskonar mótmćlaskyni viđ gjörspillt yfirvöld ţar.

Man svo langt ađ sjá McCain og elítu ESB standa á sviđi í Maidan međ nýnasistaforingjum merkta armböndum međ nasistamerkjum. Ţar hvöttu ţeir lýđinn áfram sem mest ţeir gátu. Ástćđan var sú ađ forsetinn hafđi hćtt viđrćđum um viđskiptabandalag viđ ESB, sem átti ađ vera undanfari inngöngu í sambandiđ.

Ekki skal ég bera í bćtifláka fyrir megolómeinjak8nn Pútin, en forleikurinn ađ öllu ţessu var ögrun ESB og USA fyrir 8 árum.

Frćgt er samtal Frú Nuland frá CIA, ţegar hún var ađ skipa í sćti nýrrar ríkisstjórnar. Ţekkt sem "fuck the EU." Samtaliđ.

Ţetta er allavega ekki einhliđa mál, svo mikiđ er víst.

Jón Steinar Ragnarsson, 7.3.2022 kl. 17:30

2 Smámynd: Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson

Burstaklippti pumpumćsterinn úr Skagafirđi, sem sérhćfir sig í selshljóđum og bćgslalátum á árshátíđum fór líka og hyllti ţjóđmenningarfélögin í Kíev. Ţetta ástand var afar lokkandi fyrir suma framsóknarmenn.

Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson, 7.3.2022 kl. 18:48

3 Smámynd: Halldór Egill Guđnason

Takk Vilhjŕlmur. Orđ i tíma töluđ.

Halldór Egill Guđnason, 9.3.2022 kl. 02:38

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